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The Oh? is a yoyo. It’s not the biggest yoyo, it’s not the smallest yoyo. It’s not the heaviest yoyo, it’s not the lightest yoyo. It’s not the widest yoyo, it’s not the slimmest yoyo. It’s not the fastest yoyo, it’s not the slowest yoyo. The Oh? is a toy, SO HAVE FUN WITH IT; but The Oh? is a metal yoyo, so be careful with it!!!

Diameter – 61.4mm
Width – 41mm
Weight – 69g
Response – Monkeyfinger MonkeySnot

Additional information

Weight 85 g
Dimensions 78 × 78 × 53 mm


  1. steve smith (verified owner)

    Received mine today. What a screaming deal and a beautiful throw. Smooth spinning, spins forever. Feels excellent in your hand. Great finish. Thanks guys.
    This is worth 2 times the cost IMO.

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