The Season Traveler Continues!!!!

Sorry we’ve been a little quiet lately, unfortunately sometimes real life gets in the way. But alas, we’re back and we’ve got 3 new Seasoned traveler videos for you. We’ve also added a Seasoned Traveler playlist on our YouTube page to make it easier to find all our participants in one place! Check out our latest participants, Andrew, Lauren, and Michael.

Season Traveler Project season 2 starts now! – João Messias – Sagres, Portugal

To kick off season 2 of the Seasoned Traveler Project we shipped out the care package all the way to Sagres, Portugal where João Messias and his friends were able to capture exactly what this project is all about. We asked him to share a little about his experience and here’s what he had to say:

“Here’s my contribution to this awesome project. Being the first participant for the second season built a bit of pressure on me, but by keeping a positive attitude and mainly having fun while working on it, I think in the end it turned out quite nicely 🙂 I’d like to thank all my friends that put up with my teaching and let me use the footage they were in! You did great by the way! Also, thanks to my girlfriend for helping me record almost half of it and helping in the editing process with some critical thinking (and nagging). But mostly the former<3”

Make sure to follow João on Instagram @jpmmessi


Special Edition 1/1 Ramblers

As some of you probably know, we originally planned on having a clear/silver Rambler at release. We were really excited with the way they looked; unfortunately we were not happy with the finish. The yoyo did not play the same as all the other Ramblers and instead of selling something we were unhappy with, or scrapping an otherwise good yoyo, we sent them to our friend Matt over at Adventures in Anodizing, who turned them into something better then we could’ve imagined. Because of the refinishing, they have a hint of vibe, but they still play amazing. Each one is a unique work of art, and we plan to do something special with this release. Keep an eye out for further details.



Seasoned Traveler: Bryan Ramirez

Its been a little while but the Tri-B has finally made it all the way from Germany to Lynwood California where Bryan Ramirez got a chance to participate in the project. Make sure to check out Bryans video above where he takes the Tri-B on the road and it looks like both he and his coworkers had a lot of fun messing around. I just hope he didn’t get in trouble lol!

Thrower Profile:

Name – Bryan Ramirez
Age – 22
Location – Lynwood, California
How long have you been throwing – About 3 to 4 years
Favorite Trick – Branding
Favorite Yoyo – CLYW Chief
What got you into yoyoing – My father taught me how to when I was about 12 years old
What do you enjoy most about throwing – There’s always more to learn, someone else will show you something you’ve never seen before and you can learn from one another.
What was your favorite moment you had throwing – When I took road trip with my girlfriend and best friend to go to BAC for the first time and we spent the weekend exploring San Francisco, it was a great experience with great people.
Anything Else you want the internet to know? – I’ll use this for a PSA type of thing; Please everyone, be safe out there. Wear a seatbelt at all times. Drive safely. Be careful in everything you do.

The Traveling throw presents: Street Team Member Anthony DeSana

I’m proud to announce our newest Street Team member Anthony DeSana. I had the chance to meet Anthony at the 2016 Virginia State Yoyo Contest and right from the beginning his enthusiasm and professionalism towards the community made it clear that he was going to be a great fit on our team.

Anthony returned to throwing in June of 2015 after finding one of his childhood yoyos. Since then, Anthony has become an active member of the Tiki Tiki Yoyo Club in Woodbury, New Jersey where he enjoys learning from and teaching new tricks to other members of the club. He will be competing in his first competition at The Ringmaster Classic (New Jersey State Yoyo competition) on April 9th.

Anthony decided to film at his alma mater, Seton Hill University. While there, he played collegiate lacrosse and graduated with a degree in psychology.

After taking a short break from the program, Anthony will be headed back to Lexington, Kentucky to continue a PhD program at the University of Kentucky. He hopes to spread his love of yoyoing upon his return.

Make sure to follow Anthony on instagram @walkingbandaid and feel free to shoot him a congratulations

Seasoned Traveler: Julius Schroeder

Our MonkeyfingeR Tri-b has made it all the way to Bielefeld Germany where Julius Schroeder got a chance to show off his amazing talent. Julius did an awesome job with his video and we couldn’t be more happy to have his as a participant in our project.

Thrower Profile:

Name – Julius Schröder
Age – 16
Location – Bielefeld, Germany
How long have you been throwing – 5 years
Favorite Trick – Behind the back reverse GT laceration
What got you into yoyoing – Friends
What do you enjoy most about throwing – Community, constant progress
What was your favorite moment you had throwing – Figuring out how to do a correct break away, after doing it wrong for years
Anything Else you want the internet to know? – Bielefeld f*#$ng exists, and wooden yoyos are fire. Check the PEON.

Presenting The Traveling Throw Street Team Member: Luke Trautwein

The Traveling Throw is committed spreading the joy of yo-yoing around the world and to help us fulfill that vision we have decided to start our very own contest team; which we like to call The Traveling Throw Street Team. Members of the Street Team will represent The Traveling Throw both in contests and in their everyday lives; they are people we feel that live for the love of yo-yoing and present themselves in a manner which is in line with our mission.

With that said, we are proud to announce the first member of the Street Team: Luke Trautwein. Luke is 13 years old and from Ambler, PA. He is an active member of the Tiki Tiki Yoyo club in Woodbury, NJ where he can regularly be found honing his skills and teaching others some of his crazy tricks. Luke’s accolades include:

  • MA States 2015 – 4th in Sport 1a (12 and under)
  • MA States 2015 – 1st in his age group in Sport Ladder
  • NJ States 2015 – 11th (tied) in 1a prelims
  • NJ States 2015 – 1st overall in Sport Ladder
  • NER 2015 – 1st in Sport 1a (12 and under)

We really are looking forward to working with Luke on this project and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future. Please join me in welcoming Luke to the team!!!

Seasoned Traveler: Alex Denninger

From New York to Virginia; our next participant got his chance with the Benchmark and sent us this pretty slick video. Check out Alex doing his thing and don’t forget to read his profile!

Thrower Profile:

Name – Alex Denninger
Age – 17
Location – Yorktown V.A
How long have you been throwing – Almost 2 years
Favorite Trick – Janos Karancz’s Paprika
Favorite yoyo – GSquared AL7 Aftershock
What got you into yoyoing – I did it when I was younger with my fixed axle Duncan ProYo and then I stopped until my mom got me a Yomega 2 years ago for Christmas.
What do you enjoy most about throwing – It’s relaxing, the people, and its awesome!
What was your favorite moment you had throwing – Competing for the first time at VA States

Seasoned Traveler: Jacob Spaid

The Benchmark has made its way from one coast all the way to the other where it ended up in the hands of Jacob Spaid from Farmington, New York. Jacob took the throw with him to some very cool locations and got lots of footage, so make sure to set some time aside and watch the whole video! Great job Jacob!!!