The Traveler has come!


Here it is folks, the yoyo we will be sending around the world as part of the Seasoned Traveler project. I wanted to send a huge thanks to David from One Drop for providing us with this awesome 2014 Benchmark O. If you get a minute please reach out to the One Drop team via the social network of your choice and join me in thanking them for their generous contribution; without them this wouldn’t be possible. 

I’ll be packing this up later tonight and dropping it in the mail tomorrow. It shouldn’t be too long before its in the hands of our first participant, Evan, so keep an eye on the site for his video and make sure to tell all your friends too!

Throwing around my new Sage


After sending my sage out to Duane I really started to miss it; I figured it would be a good idea to grab another one and use it to shoot any video I might take. It came in the other day and I just happened to be invited out to White Clay Creek park with some friends so I used the opportunity to work on my Kwyjibo a bit. Let me know what you all think, hopefully I’ll be able to get some more videos up as I progress.

Coming Soon: The Seasoned Traveler!

I had some requests to start an “advanced” version of the traveling throw and I though to myself that’s an awesome idea! So I reached out to my favorite yoyo manufacture to see if they would be willing to provide a throw for this project and to my surprise they graciously agreed! Keep an eye out for more information coming soon.

Where to learn

A few people have been asking me where to get started. There are plenty of great resources on the internet for learning how to throw (yoyoexpert and youtube have so many great tutorials available); personally I started at They have a section for absolute beginners so if this is your first time picking up a yoyo I would suggest starting there. Even if you have a little bit of throwing under your belt it wouldn’t hurt to watch the beginner videos just as a little refresher. I added a link in the menu bar that will take you directly to their site. Feel free to hit them up and while your there buy a yoyo or two!

It Starts Here


This past Christmas I took a trip back to Florida to visit my family; it had been a while since I last saw my parents and I was really looking forward to spending time with everyone, however I had no idea that this trip would be the start of my obsession with throwing. I was talking with my mom and she had mentioned that she found some of my old crap in my room while cleaning it out; one of those things was a beat up Yomega Fireball that I used to play with when I was in high school. I picked it up and started playing with it; I remembered some basic tricks: rock the baby, around the world, and walk the dog. It was fun screwing around with the yoyo but I wasn’t any good at all; for some strange reason I couldn’t stop playing with it though.

After returning home I decided I really wanted to get back into throwing but I felt like my fifteen year old Fireball just wasn’t going to cut it. I did a lot of research trying to figure out what I wanted to buy before finally settling on The Sage from So on January 1st 2015 I placed my order and waited for it to arrive.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’ve knocked out all the tricks in the beginner and intermediate sections of I could have kept going with The Sage but I decided to upgrade to a metal throw. Now its been a few months and I have this perfectly good yoyo just sitting here so I decided to offer it up on to someone who was looking to get into throwing just like I did and sure enough I found someone.

So that’s where this blog comes into play; I want to see just how many people can learn the basics with my throw. The idea is simple, you get a free yoyo to learn on and when you’re ready to upgrade send the yoyo to another beginner. So lets do this thing!