Meet our newest participant Mitchell Manansala

One of our Sages has made it to its next stop in Bergenfield, New Jersey at the home of Mitchell Manansala. Mitchell is far from a beginner and really shows us what these Sages are capable of as you can see in his first video, Sundays? Make sure to check out the video below and don’t forget to stop by and follow his youtube channel.


Adriana’s first trick is up!

So this post is just a few days late, sorry about that. Adriana received one of the sages and had a chance to play with it a bit. Shes been working on Split the Atom and it looks great! Keep up the hard work Adriana; we’re looking forward to seeing more!

Grant landed split the atom

Split the Atom…..shes dirty…..but I got it! #throwthursday #sage @yoyofactory

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Grants turn with the Sage is coming to an end but he had time to get one more trick in before it’s packed up and shipped off to the next participant. Check out his video above and make sure to keep coming back to see all awesome updates we have planned.

Throwing around my new Sage


After sending my sage out to Duane I really started to miss it; I figured it would be a good idea to grab another one and use it to shoot any video I might take. It came in the other day and I just happened to be invited out to White Clay Creek park with some friends so I used the opportunity to work on my Kwyjibo a bit. Let me know what you all think, hopefully I’ll be able to get some more videos up as I progress.