About Us

Our Mission

Our mission, in it’s purest form, is to spread the love of yoyoing. This takes multiple forms all based around this idea, from promoting yoyoing as a whole to supporting companies that would like to work with us.

The Traveling Throw is a Not-For-Profit organization and every penny from our site goes back into supporting the The Traveling Throw project.


Our Projects

The Traveling Throw:

This idea is the original basis of The Traveling Throw. This project sent yoyos all around the world to people to help spread the love of yoyoing from one person to another.

The Seasoned Traveler:

This project is designed to send higher end yoyos to more experienced players around the world. Each recipient films themselves playing the yoyos and provides us with their interpretation of what it is to spread the love of yoyoing. We are currently working on “season 2” of this project, and are trying to hash out the details.

The Street Team:

The Street Team is our contest team. These individuals serve as our liaisons to the yoyo community. These are individuals that we have selected that properly represent our mission. The Street Team helps contribute content to our site and our social medias in the form of videos and our Traveling Tutorials.

Our Yoyos and Collaborations:

We work to support other companies that we feel have concurrent values to ourselves. Additionally, all profits from ventures into yoyo design and sales go right back to the company to support future ventures for our project.

Working with Purple Yoyo:

Mental health is a topic near and dear to the hearts of us at The Traveling Throw. The Purple Yoyo organization is designed to provide resources and support to those individuals in the yoyo and skill toy community that are dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental illness. Our first opportunity to work with Purple Yoyo included a $20 donation to the organization with the purchase of special edition one of one ramblers that can be seen here. Additionally, with the purchase of each remaining Rambler in our shop, we will donate $10 purpleyoyo.org. We look forward to continuing to work with Purple Yoyo in the future.